Why does my Cat Slap Me with his Tail?

Do you have a cat? If so, does your cat ever slap you with his tail when he’s being petted or scratched under the chin? Or without any apparent reason. This is a common behavior in cats, and it can be a sign of contentment. It is also often done to get attention from their owner.

Whether they do it for good reasons or bad, some things can cause this behavior in cats. Let’s check out why does your cat slap you with its tail:

why does my cat slap me with this tail

Possibilities Of Cat Hitting You With Her Tail?

Cats express their emotions in many ways and tail swiping or brushing is one of them. The following are some common reasons why your cat hit you with their tails and what to do to interpret them.

Give them some space:

The most common reason your cat often gives you irritating tail flicks is that they want some space.

A quick Jerk, Flick, or Tap with their tail or hind legs can be an indication that they are being blocked by something such as furniture or you and need more room around them, so move it out of their way.

Your cat may give you a nasty glare or even swipes with his tail when he feels threatened. Your cat also does that if she doesn’t want to be picked up by you, as cats are typically independent animals who don’t like having anything come near their face. In this case, it is a clear sign of fear that person will harm them somehow.

Cats show their love or affection in many ways. For example, they will remain calm and wait until you fall asleep and whack its tail on your face to let out all that pent-up energy they didn’t get enough playtime with earlier.

Your cat is Mad!

Your cat’s tail is an important part of their body, and they will use it to communicate with you when in distress. A fast flip or strike from the end can mean anger, fearfulness (of something), happiness, etc., so be aware.

Similarly, if the cat’s tail is tucked, it means she is irritated, agitated, or it can be an indication that she is frightened.

Sometimes, the presence of humans also bothers cats, and then they want anyone around them. In that case, they will show their disgust by moving their body parts, including wagging their tail.

When you see these things in your kitty, she is mad and annoyed.

She is hungry 

If you see your cat walking by quickly with their tail flicking, it’s usually because they are hungry. They may do this on purpose or not at all, but either way, the message is clear: “I’m looking forward to my next meal.

Does your cat always eat at the same time each day? If so, it’s not surprising that they know when their next meal is due. They’ll often begin whining and even hitting you with their tail – this means they’re hungry.

Furthermore, if you see that it is eating too fast or too much or you feel that she is battling with the meal, you need to vary the food. If you used to feed her standard cat food, give her a treat of fried or raw chicken.

In some cases, cats eating too fast can be due to medical problems, especially after you have changed their meals.

Attention and Playtime

Cats are very active during certain times of the day, and sometimes they want you to know that! Cats have a way of letting their owners know when it’s time for some attention with either vocalization or through their body language, including whack you with the tail.

Tail slapping is a common cat tactic to awake you and play with them.

Apart from it, cats can get excited to see someone they know and love, including their owners. When this happens, she will Wag her tail or make little vibrating jerks with it to show she loves you and is happy to see you.

Anxiety is Hazardous!

When your pet is upset or is under stress, it will swish its tail. Usually, at this moment, they will come close to you and smack you with their tail. It’s a try to gain your attention, or they need your support. Keep in mind that cats are sensitive, so they crave their owner’s attention and love when under stress.

When your cat is under stress or going through anxiety, they will hit you with the tail even if you are giving them belly rubs or caressing your cat.

Your Cat Is Angry

A cat’s tail can mean many things, and it is essential to decipher the intentions behind your feline friend’s action. A downward flick of the tail means they feel threatened or unsure, but swishing back-and-forth may just be an expression to look out for as it indicates anger.

Tail slapping in cats sometimes is a sign of aggression or angry behavior—no need to rub or caress her when they start smacking their tail.

Similarly, they can also slap or smack you with their tails when they want to show their rage or irritation with other pets in your home.

How to prevent cat slapping with his tail?

Sometimes, the changes are simple to adopt but time taking. At other times, they are difficult to do, but the results are quick. To prevent the cat from slapping you with its tail, you need patience. Things will change but not too quickly.

Positive reinforcements or rewards for good behavior are always the best approach. The key, however, lies in teaching your cat what you want them to do and then rewarding them when they perform that action. If your cat finds that this bad or aggressive behavior will get your attention, she will continue doing this.

Cats are natural stimulators and great attention seekers. They will continue doing the same BAD things if they believe it will get them your attention or what they want.

If your pet cat slaps you with its tail, the first step to combat this bad behavior is simple: stop rewarding this bad behavior with your attention! If you do not reward your pet in response to their certain behaviors, then their actions will become less intense over time.

The best you can do here is to carry your pet and lay her on the ground or in her home and just IGNORE HER.

Besides, take help from your family members if you want to see quick changes. Otherwise, this method will take the time or not succeed at all.

When your cat notice that is not getting your attention she will stop slapping you with her tail. She will change her ways to convey her message to you or to grab your attention. With time, she will realize what you want and what you don’t like.

Remember that some cats are too aggressive and stubborn, but consistency is key, and you have to be more stubborn than her to succeed.

Lastly, this solution is valid for many types of cat behavior such as biting, jumping on counters, and a lot of other things.

Why does my Cat Rub Its Tail Against My Body Before Slapping?

If your pet brushes or rubs its tail against your body or skin, it is a good gesture. Normally, cats do this to leave their aroma or scent on your body to mark you. You become marked with the scent and claim to be theirs forever after this intimate act.

Cat’s are social animals that use scent to communicate with each other and mark their territory. They have glands on their cheeks, front of the chin as well as tail, which all secret a sweet-smelling fluid when they spray or rub against you or something else.

Quite often, cats do this to mark their territory, and sometimes it is for no reason. Of course, this scent marking is not permanent, and they will come back again to refresh the marking.

Cats are more than just furry pets; they are also smell machines. Cats transfer their fragrance when they brush against you or objects. When your kitty friend rubs or head-butts your body or face, the fragrance from glands or cheeks is deposited. They do this to claim their ownership, and you are their possessions.

However, they might even slap you while marking their territory. This behavior is observed in cats who are more aggressive in marking their authority.

Furthermore, the cat’s tail and side odor is transferred to you as they weave over you. This behavior is pure aggressive love and a way of ensuring that they are getting your full attention.

Remember that cats rubbing up against your body is a good gesture full of affection. So please don’t take it as an irritation.

Why Do Cats Thump Their Tails and Slap Me?

If your cat swishes its tail rapidly from side to side while lying down, it’s a warning that you should back away and give them some peace.

At that time, if you are playing with it, she might be overstimulated.

If a cat’s tail swishes too fast while lying down, it means they are agitated. It’s not the right time to pet them. They don’t want to snuggle at this moment. They will slap you with their tail because they just reached their breaking point.

Cat thumping its tail can also be a sign of dissatisfaction. If you keep rubbing her while she is thumping her tail, she will believe that you are not regarding its clues. So a slap with its tail would be understandable.

To conclude, this thumping means your cat is not in the mood and wants some private time. So leave her alone but keep monitoring it as a responsible pet owner.

Why is my cat swishing its tail, purring, and slapping?

It mainly depends on the swishing. A gentle swish means your cat is contented. But, if she swishes her tail aggressively or too fast and from side to side, it means that she is irritated. Expect slapping with its tail if you get too near to it. In some cases, if you don’t give her attention, your cat might follow up with a sharp bite.

To Conclude

Cats slapping their tails is a fascinating behavior and one that we are still learning about. But what we know so far is if it is a gentle tap, then it is not dangerous. Plus, if cats want to get attention from their owners, they use tail slapping as an easy way to let us know how they feel without any words required!

So next time your cat slaps you with its tail, don’t be afraid; just ensure not to try and ‘shake hands with them – that would probably hurt for both parties involved.

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