Blonde Cats

When it comes to picking a cat as a pet. The light-colored fur attracts you the most. Several breeds may come as an option but all you care about is Blonde Cats. However, when it comes to picking one, a range of shades might come to notice. Ranging from creamy to dirty blondes. Let us unveil a few more exciting insights so you may choose wisely.

blonde cats

Blonde Cats: An Introduction:

When it comes to the availability of Blonde cats, they are a widely available species. You can see them wandering in the streets and owned by cat lovers. However, it is possible to see the blonde breed in every other breed of cat. A very high proportion of blonde cats is seen among Tabby. And that is why they are also referred to as one of the subclasses of the genus Tabby.


Let us generally break down the characteristics of Blonde Cats. These might account for general features that you can relate to the Blonde Cats. Their area of origin is well known as France. They are well known to be representative of the genus Tabby. As their properties are generally characteristic of Tabby cats.

However, they are not representative of a certain breed. All species have a representative golden-colored cat. And are known as intelligent felines with mostly males, dominating the type. The blondies like sleeping, and spending time in cold zones. Thus, might show a tendency toward obesity.

But other than this, it rarely represents any genetic anomaly. The fur is golden, creamy to dark shade might be available with dense hair. They can be adaptable yet strongly attached to the place they live and their owner.

They are usually male. Still friendly, affectionate and get along easily with people and other domestic animals. While one side is loving, the opposite could be aggressive. They can be in a rage in less than a few minutes. They are famous for using claws, thus caution is needed here.

The lovely blonde cats show an average life span of fifteen years. But with love and good care they might live a little longer.

Interesting Facts About Blonde Cats

  • Studies have revealed time and again that blonde is not a breed. It is a subtype that can be seen in various cat breeds. It is the color that distinguishes it. People love the color and make it so distinct as a type.
  • The blonde cats are known for freckles adding to their cuteness. It is just like white-skinned people having specks making them look more attractive. They are present as small black spots around the nose and cheek region over the face.
  • Blonde Cats are famous for being loving and caring. They can fall in love with you in no time. They being so affectionate make it a must in the household of kids. By the way, snuggling is something that can be enjoyed here. Yet never to mess with a cat and distress him. Setting the wrong mood can make the cat go furious.
  • They are also known for being lazy. Cats usually love laying around and grooming themselves. But in this case, the bar is set high. This is the laziest sleeping beauty that you can find on the whole planet earth. You will find them eating, grooming, and being by themselves most of the time.

Blonde Cats Personality & Traits:

Let us dive in detail into the traits of blonde cats. They are known for nothing specific in terms of traits. The characteristics are pretty generic and are individually discussed below. Needless to repeat, they closely represent tabby cats. However, the tabby might not be blonde every time.

Fondness Over The Parent:

The Blonde Cats develop a thorough relationship with the parent. They might be falling for you right after adoption. It’s not a matter of time. But a matter of their loving nature. They shall be attached to you as you are their favorite person in the family.

Not even much attention is needed to develop this love. Yet if you invest sufficient care and attention, nothing, the cat might push you away. The right formula for keeping the cat cozy is having it in the right proportions.

The Altering Emotions:

Just like the fondness of the parents, blonde cats fall for their home. Their obsession with the house. Is seen right after adoption. It barely takes days for blonde cats to completely fall in love with the house. However, the emotions of cats are a little confused.

They can be all in love with the house and the members. Found in love and fun with children. Yet the children do stuff, the slightest that the cat detests. It may cause agitation amongst blonde cats.

Anything upsetting will set them on fire. It will react and display its control. It is good to be mindful of the behavior around it. Instructing children to be careful is also wise.

Generally, Blonde cats are easy to train. The fact comes from their quick learning. Yet the fact that they are not emotionally stable makes it quite a challenge. One needs to look into the mood first. Anything against their will distracts them and prolongs training.

Directing Anger or Anger Management

People love having blonde cats. But are aware of their anger issues. Our word of advice for the new blonde cat owners goes like this. Be watchful of the mood of the cat. See what irritates them. Never flow in love or avoid them altogether. Keep a balance and make the maximum of it.

Knowing their behavioral patterns help resolve issues. And not have them in the first place altogether. Keep toys of their choice. And making calmness part of their training can help manage temper issues.

Unveiling the Origin of Blonde Cats

In terms of their availability. Blondes are one of the most common breeds to be seen. Be it on the street or in houses, it is spotted everywhere. They are both a treat to the eyes and a pleasure to parents.

In terms of their historical origin, the details are pretty vague.

The same goes for the area of origin. However, if sources are believed. The origin finds its roots in the 14th or 15th century. As for the place, France is pretty much the spotted area.

They sometimes are also tracked down to Europe and Africa or the origin thing. It is generally their aggressive nature. As the cats having short tempers belonged to the stated regions.

If rumors are to be believed. They are called the cross of African and European cats. Absorbing the aggression and the beauty from respective regions.

Another school of thought believes them in close association with Tabby Cat. This might not be cent percent true. But some striking resemblance supports the statement. Sometimes, some might be explaining Tabbys data when asked about their history.

Physical Facts For Blonde Cats

Let’s Begin With Color

In terms of the physical features of the cat, it can be discussed as per individual parts. The overall color ranges from blonde to orangish hue. The body parts can range from slightly yellowish to whitish hue. Let us open up in part below:

The lifespan of Blonde Cats

Cats fill up one’s life with vigor and spark. Adoption brings quite a thrill to one’s life. But this has a certain time limit to it. While you might not want a day without the fur ball. It has a certain life span that is around 10-14 years. If you groom the cat well and care for it. The cat can survive for as long as 15 years.

Points to cater in doing so include following a good diet. Following strict vaccination routine, cleaning, and other health regimes. This can assure a healthy and maximum life span for the cat.

Feline Body

The body of the blonde cats come in blonde hues ranging from golden to light orange shades. Yet some white bits of the fur can be spotted. The paws and belly are yet to be found yellowish orange. These bits might have stripes while whiter areas are clear and plain.

In terms of the mass of the body. It is usually 4-6 kg in a healthy cat. But it is pertinent to mention that weight can vary from one breed to another. Moreover, it can be different for a young cat compared to an adult or even an old feline.

Face: Head, Ears, Eyes, and Nose

The head region of the cat comes in a small build. Especially if you compare it to other kitties, you will feel the difference. Otherwise, they are average-sized.

The eyes are normal with a yellowish hue. Color is seen usually amongst blonde cats. Yet they never fail to impress.

However, it can vary amongst different breeds. The nose is pink while the ears and nose both have hair and whiskers respectively protruding out.

The ears usually are in a yellowish shade with good hearing capacity. They are responsive to low voices. However, the hair remains a dominant feature here.

Blonde Paws

The paws of the cats are not distinctive of blonde cats. it’s neither very large nor small. They might not look very strong or representative of a great build-up. But when it comes to running, The cats are fast-paced. This helps them to run away from danger. Or use in defense when in a fight or struck by a calamity.

While we refer to strength, referring to cuteness is also a must. The yellow paws are soft to the touch. Something that the cat parent compliments about.

Fur and Tail

The hair of the blonde cats is yellow as mentioned earlier. The point of mention here is that it differs in different stages of life. The fur of the young kitty is densely yellow. When it comes to hair, Blonde cats can be a little different. The fur of a Blonde cat is much more yellow at a younger age. It is more yellowish at an early age. It gradually tones down and becomes more sparkling sun-like at an older age. Mark our words, the growth is really good. You might need special attention on cat grooming.

However, for the tails of the Blonde cat. A thick furry extension can be seen. This adds to the cuteness of the yellow ball. Sometimes the tail can be plain while other times it might have a colored pattern associated with it.

How to Take Care of Blonde Cats

Dietary needs:

In terms of feeding, not much is required for blonde cats. They follow a simple diet as carnivores would like, Thus, adding proteins is what it takes.

It is important to keep a balance of wet and dry food and provide as per the age needs of the cat.

A blonde will take 3-5 meals per day to fulfill its needs. Any more weight exceeding 3-4.5 Kg will be catered to obesity. Otherwise, they are open to eating anything.

Training in General:

The blonde cats can be tricky to train. They are intelligent enough to absorb any training. Yet moody enough not to respond to any. They can generally be quick in picking up the instructions. But setting the right mood is a must.

Toilet Training

Toilet training can range from easy to tough tasks. It will take your smart moves to get it done wisely. Remember, they are intelligent to take instructions. But being treated the right way is the key with blonde cats.

One trick that can make them fulfill tasks quickly is using some toy to make them done. One can also distract cats into following instructions by making the activity fun and game-like. Playing balls and bouncing them before the cat can fool her into following you.

Rewarding The Feline

Treating the cat with rewards is a quick way of getting the cat trained. Treating cats with some food delight. Taking it for a stroll or playing with him using a ball can all help. This encourages cats to follow instructions. In the end, it will take him on a fun ride.

Tips for grooming Blonde Cats

  • Blonde cats may be famous for being lazy. They still enjoy play time and enjoy some workout sessions.
  • Following some workout or exercise helps keep the cat healthy and not become obese.
  • The cat enjoys fooling around in open areas. Playing bouncing balls. One can also give them a toy, it can become a real favorite in no time.
  • Combing the cat other than self-grooming sessions is a must
  • Providing food 3-5 time daily helps keep weight in balance. It also keeps the cat fit by fulfilling its nutritional needs.
  • Rewarding a cat with food treats is something it enjoys a lot. And compels it to follow your instructions.


What is the Pregnancy Period for the Blonde Cat?

It is pretty much similar to a normal feline. It will undergo a pregnancy of 63 days like any healthy cat. The gestation period will require a bit of extra care. Some nutritional needs might exceed normal. Feeding the cat in the right proportion will keep the cat and its offspring healthy.

What is the gender of Blonde Cats?

It could be both male and female. Yet it is seen that mostly the blonde cats are male and are affectionate. It is just that the male population is high in their case. It is hard to find reasoning for this proportion. All, we can see the natural occurrence of male chromosomes leading to male births.

What is a Blonde Kitten like?

The blonde kitten is bright yellow with white stripes. They are intelligent and easy to train. They bite very little or get into fights rarely. They are less choosy of the food and are affectionate amongst all cat types.

Do blonde cats sleep all the time?

Yes, they are one of the cat types that is laziest of all. They love sleeping and resting around. You will find them eating and sleeping mostly.

What does it take to train a blonde cat?

It is an intelligent cat and learns quickly. it will take your instruction in no time. Sometimes fooling them with a toy might make it an easier task.

For how long a blonde cat lives?

It lives 10-12 years. With better care and grooming it can survive until fifteen or even eighteen years of age. Checking with the vet regularly and feeding in the right proportions help with the long survival of blonde cats.


Blonde cats are beautiful felines with yellow to golden hues. They are not a breed but a type of feline famous for their color patterns. It is affectionate and easy to train. With its love for food and intelligence. It is easy to lure them into toilets and other training.

With the right care and affection, it can survive for as long as eighteen years, beyond average life.

Blonde cats are always a treat and fun to have. With all other admirable properties, they are irresistible.

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