Cat Kneading with Blanket in Mouth

Cats are creatures that may behave differently with things in their vicinity. They might do such stupid things that make little sense to humans. Like kneading and sucking their blanket. It is weird, right? And as its pet parent, you must think, ‘why are you doing this?’ For you to know, cat kneading with a blanket is not insane for it. They are doing so to bring themselves comfort like you get from blankets. So, stay calm! and lets see why Cat Kneading with Blanket in Mouth.

To further understand this comfort level and love for the blankets, lets enlighten with this article.

cat kneading with blanket in mouth

Is it normal for my cat to knead the blanket in the mouth?

Yes! It is really normal for your cat to knead the blanket and suck it in the mouth. They would keep doing it throughout their life. It is one of the innocuous habits your feline is involved in.

Your cat is not Sick!

Kneading and sucking on blankets is nothing to be concerned about. Looking for some comfort doesn’t mean that your feline is anxious or sick. They are totally good, mentally and physically.

You do not need to worry about it. But if the cat shows other behavior other than kneading the blankets, it should be a moment of concern for you. This will be discussed later.

Why does a cat knead blankets and suck on them?

Felines always do such things that might grab the attention of their owners and they are forced to ask or search on why my cat is displaying such behavior.

There might a number of reasons that your cat might be kneading on blankets and suck on them. Following are some aspects that are true for cat kneading with a blanket in the mouth:

  1. Marking the item of its own:

Let us start with something that is very common for the felines. They like to mark the items as theirs. And do so by sucking on and kneading them.

The same holds for blankets for them. If you observe your feline kneading its blanket, they are claiming their property.

Now, how do they do it? They do it by utilizing the glands in their paws. This area is considered to leave sweat when the feline feels hot.

Consequently, a specific scent is given out by its paws which refers totally to them. And hence, anything that gets stained by their aroma, belongs to them!

  1. A sigh of Relaxation and Happiness:

One must observe its pet when they are kneading the blanket. They feel totally relaxed and at peace. This is a way for them to feel happy.

That is why you will notice that a cat does purr while kneading. They are letting all their stress out and try to feel contented. This brings them happiness and joy.

  1. Kneading the blanket and Purring:

That is why you will notice that a cat does purr while kneading. They are letting all their stress out and try to feel contented. This brings them happiness and joy.

  1. Your cat smells you:

One reason that leads to the kneading of the blanket is that your cat might smell you in the blanket. It is true that they love you and want to be close to you in any way, though it is only your smell.

Being a creature, they have an acute sense of smell. Hence, they do recognize your odor of all. Do not panic or be harsh if they do so because it is a way for them to show affection for you, their provider!

  1. Warmth and Comforting-in remembrance Kittenhood:

This suckling and kneading of the blanket, make your cat remember about its kittenhood. This results in calmness and comfort for it.

It is also possible that your cat would go for kneading the blanket that comes fresh from the laundry. The warmth and softness of the blanket are a good reminder for its nursing period.

Mommy, I miss you!

Then, one option which could be related is that maybe your feline friend was separated from its mother too early that the blanket helps them to seek that comfort, they used to get from their mother.

  1. Kneading the Blanket by the Door and Windows:

One thing slightly different in the kneading situation is that if your cat does this action near radiators, doors, or windows, it is a warning for its other felines friends.

They exhibit the power of having a blanket in their own world. The cat makes it sure that the blanket is with them whenever they want it. So, ‘be aware! This is my territory.’

  1. Suckling a Pacifier:

Kneading and suckling-the two actions when carried out together, mean something else rather than general reason like comforting.

It might mean that your cat is using the blanket as a pacifier for them. It is just the same as a baby sucking the thumb or teether. The cats could not do that, so to ease themselves, they use alternatives like blankets.

  1. Safe and Sound:

‘With this furry thing with me, I am so safe and sound,’ not sure, but your cat might say this to itself. Having something with them and putting its paws on it, kneading it, and sucking it, might give them a sense of secureness.

We, as humans, do not understand what your cat is doing and thinking and answers behind their peculiar behavior, but their doings very much tell about the background behind their certain actions.

All you need to do is stay focused!

  1. Trying to be Playful:

Kneading the blanket might be playful for them. Being a feline, anything is worth playful and enjoyable for them that might be even a blanket.

Therefore, you do not need to deter them from playing with it and ruin in their mood.

  1. Self-soothing against Anxiety:

Cats might end up kneading with blankets in the mouth might be due to something be done to reduce their anxiety.

Being helpless creatures, they cannot explain their overwhelming stress or anxiety to you, so, they end up kneading the blankets hard to fight the trouble themselves.

Kneading would help them to calm their minds and soothe them.

  1. In the Genes:

Some kinds of cats like Balinese, Tonkinese, and, Siamese cats, are genetically susceptible to this behavior. They would knead the blanket in their mouths as a habit no matter what.

They are kind of designed to do kneading with blankets or any soft fabrics around them.

Should you be worried if your cat is kneading blankets?

Cats kneading with a blanket in their mouth is not a bad or harmful activity. This is something your beloved friend loves to do.

But if your cat is displaying other strange behaviors other than kneading and biting a blanket, then you must be concerned about it.

Some are the reasons that your cat is doing so:

  1. Psychological Issue:

One reason could be a psychological issue with your cat. Maybe your feline is facing some mental stress, anxiety, or depression that is making it do so.

  1. Out of Boredom:

Your cat might be kneading and biting blanket in your mouth out of boredom. This depicts that they are lacking some mental and physical stimulation.

Adding some playtime to your cat’s daily routine would be helpful.

  1. Dental Issue:

Keep a solid eye on your cat’s health condition. The cat might be kneading to relieve some of its dental problems.

Gum disease and teeth pain might cause them to do so. Check for the reason that why your cat is doing so.

Signs of Warning:

Cat kneading with blanket in the mouth is totally fine, but beware if it is becoming harmful for them:

  1. Cat kneading blanket in mouth might result in Choking:

What if your feline bite the blankets and result in swallowing the bits of it, it will definitely cause them to choke and also blocking their digestive tract if not examined properly.

  1. Can a cat be Allergic to the fabric?

It is very common for felines to be allergic used to make the blankets and other such materials your feline-like to knead on.

One option can be to keep them away and use the blankets that are made up of fabric that is cat-friendly.

Common Symptoms of Allergic Reaction:

Common symptoms of an allergic reaction in a cat include:

  • Coughing, sneezing, and wheezing
  • Itchy and streaming eyes
  • Itchy skin, ears, and tail
  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Swollen paws and paw pads

Cats are known as territorial creatures. They like to claim everything of their own including the blanket. But if your cat does not show this, there is something wrong!

  1. Heavy Shedder Cat:

One thing might be that your feline is leaving the cat hair all over the fabrics.

If your cat is one of the heavy shedders, you might want to prevent your feline from getting over blankets and other fabrics etc.

How to stop the cat from kneading and biting the Blanket?

If you are concerned about your feline regarding this behavior of theirs of kneading and suckling of blankets and other soft fabrics and it is not turning out good for their health too, you must stop them.

What to do if your cat is still kneading and biting the blankets even if you stop them. Here are some ways you can go for to put an end to this:

  1. Cat repellent formula:

Cat repellent formula can be used to keep them away from kneading the blankets. Many cat repellents are commercially available which one can use.


These artificially made cat repellents might be harmful to your cat’s health due to the many chemicals additives involved in them.

So, it is better to go for homemade remedies against kneading in contrast with artificially manufactured repellents.

  1. Homemade Remedies:

It is way better to go for some homely remedies than commercial ones. Homely activities would not harm your cat health-wise in any way.

Following are some natural remedies that might be helpful:

  • Lavender
  • Peppermint
  • Citronella
  • Lemongrass
  • Lime or lemon
  1. Using the above Ingredients in Laundries:

Get your laundry rinsed with fabric softeners that contain the above ingredients as aromas, and they will act as the same natural cat repellents.

This would stop your feline from biting and kneading the blankets.

  1. Other Playful Activities:

Alternatives are the best things to provide them with. They might be a way to diverge their attention from clothes and fabrics.

Arrange toys for them that might be a complex running away rat or a chirping bird. This is done just to make them feel good and put their minds to something useful.

  1. Affection and Attention:

All the things they do are for the sake of you, your love, and your attention. They literally crave your affection.

Try to give them the love and time that they deserve so they would not indulge in such activities to fulfill their cravenness like by kneading the blankets in their mouth.

  1. Consult your vet:

Do not stress out yourself. Try to get to the root of the kneading behavior and consult your vet about it.

He would better guide you that what is causing your feline to do so and what can be done to stop it.

If your cat is doing so out of anxiety, the vet might prescribe them a short course of medication regarding anti-anxiety.


Cat kneading with blanket in mouth and biting it is a safe habit, that your felines like to go for. They exhibit such peculiar behaviors to show that they are happy, contented, and at peace.

This is a way of ‘scent marking’ of theirs on the things they own and love to have. So, you do not need to be worried about it.

But one as an owner needs to be very careful that if the behavior is relentless, your cat might be in trouble regarding its psychological conditions.

As a precaution, take your cat to your consultant vet to make sure that your beloved pet is doing all well and is not in some other problem.

Restrain this behavior only if it turns out to be life-threatening for your feline, which will result in choking or causes intestinal problems. Do keep an eye that your cat must not be allergic to the material they knead and suck on.

Else, it is just a mere sign of affection. Relax and let them knead!

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