My Cat doesn’t like to be Touched

‘Well, well, being a cat-parent, this might be a great concern for you that ‘My cat doesn’t like to be touched’, and here you are to find the answer. Cats are quite cheerful and like to being loved. But again, they are very unpredictable most of the time. The reason your beloved is not allowing to do so and runs away is that maybe it is in pain, or something is troubling it like bad health.

Hence, you do not need to jump to conclusion that my cat doesn’t like to be touched because it hates me. It’s stupid of you to think like this.

It has its reasons! You need to understand that… let’s help you out.

my cat doesnt like to be touched

Is it normal that ‘My cat doesn’t like to be touched’?

Yep! It is very normal for your cat to exhibit this kind of behavior.  And do not worry, there are many reasons to support its behavior.

When you try to touch your cat, it would run away or end up giving claws and bites to you, anything just to avoid you. This is heartbreaking, for someone who loves their cat to infinity and beyond but isn’t able to touch it to express the affection.

You should be more concerned if it happens often or all of a sudden. But do not be concerned about it. Try to look at what is making your cat behave like this.

There are several conclusions other than thinking your cat hates you. So, do not waste any more time sulking and look for the cause of ‘no touching scenes’ by your cat.

Common Reasons that your cat avoids the touching

It might be heartbreaking for you not to have a physical attachment to your cat.

Here are some reasons that your feline is behaving this way. Be careful about what is exactly your cat facing:

1.  Your cat is not in a mood to be touched:

This is one of the most relieving reasons. Cats do crave the affection and love from their owners, but not it is not every time.

They like to be touched and cuddled but only when they want you to. Like Maine Coon cats they do not need affection from you all of the time.

2. You are petting your cat on the inconvenient part:

Cats do yearn for the human touch. This is the way they feel their owner’s love and affection towards them. But still, they are very careful about where you touch them. They only like to be petted on the specific parts of their bodies.

See! That is why it might be showing a retreat. So, these are the particular areas your feline likes to be touched:

Parts your cat likes to be touched:

These are the parts where when touched, your cat might be comfortable with:

  • The neck of your feline or some part of the neck
  • Behind the ears
  • The underside of the chin
  • Tail’s base

Try to go for these areas, they might bring your cat a sense of pleasure. Touching other than these areas might be a sign of danger for your feline and it would see you as a threat!

And hence, it would end up in some biting and clawing again. So, ‘my cat doesn’t like to be touched’ would be due to that you are petting its tummy area, which is licensed off-limits to human touch.

3. Your cat is in pain!

It is a definite possibility that your cat might be in pain. It is facing some medical conditions that might be internal or external. Mimicking human nature, they want to stay in isolation when in physical pain.

That is why it is not allowing any physical contact even by its owner. Your touch might be for the sake of love but maybe it could be a cause of pain for your cat.

How your cat would be in pain?

Following are the troubles your cat might be facing and is not wanting you to touch them:

  • Your cat is having hip pain.
  • There might be an abscess on the back of your cat.
  • The legs or tail might be bruised.
  • Some internal injury that you couldn’t see but it is painful
  • Apart from injuries, pain in the organs like the stomach or head, etc.
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Some rear areas are swollen due to vaccination

It is true that cats being animals, are very good at ignoring the minor pains and would not show.

But your touch would bring them to hurt badly and that is why they would ignore your petting as much as they could. Also, you would only know about the pain when you try to touch them.

It is better to take your cat to the vet at once for a proper checkup. He is the best option to relieve your cat from this pain.

Signs to make sure your cat is in pain:

Following are the signs put on by your cat if it is in pain, hence look for them too apart from no touching scenes:

  • Not urinating in the litter box
  • Getting sleep more than usual
  • Showing no interest regarding self-grooming
  • Drooling excessively
  • Showing the aggressive behavior
  • Frequent purring and wagging of the tail
  • Making postures that may help in the relief of pain like leaning forward

4.  Your cat is going through some mental and emotional ill phases:

No doubt, there is something on your cat’s mind that is making it detached from you.

If your cat is not letting you touch it or even come nearby, it could be due to that your feline is mentally or emotionally ill.

The stress over its mind is likely making it hate everything around it and including you. Maybe it gets better after some time.

But you need to find the actual reason that why your cat is being clumsy.

a.   Cats from the shelter homes:

Pet cats that you might adopt from the shelters do show this kind of behavior.

They do exhibit a disturbing nature and get irritated by the human touch way easily. They are just not habitual to it. The cats and kittens which end up in the animal shelters are mostly abandoned or lost their ways.

Hence, never been introduced to the human touch make it difficult for them to be petted or cuddled.

b.   Cats pushed away from their mommies at early ages:

The kittens and cats that might be separated from their mothers at an early age are not familiar with the touch sense. And therefore, they are aloof around and would not be entertained if you touch them.

On the contrary, they are bothered by any kind of physical contact by you!

c.   Cat might be abused in the past:

The abusing has a great impact on your cat’s mental and emotional health. It may have gone through a very difficult time. That is why it is showing this no-touch warning and signal.

Your cat is having a painful experience with the human touch and so, your touch is making them remember it. Your physical affection for it is just associated with a bad memory and the danger of being hit and hurt.

Thus, when you go near them to show your love through petting, they could not help it and ends up pushing you away.

5.  Change in the personality due to aging:

Personality flip due to aging is also one of the reasons that your cat is now ignoring your petting and cuddling.

It comes with the age that your feline does not want to be bothered from now on. Growing age is making it do that.

a.   The hormonal changes:

Here, the hormonal changes also play an important role in physical development and thus, opting for refined attributes.

Your beloved cat is also facing the same hormonal change phase and is not allowing any physical contact with them by the pet parent.

b.  The feline Dementia:

Another factor that might contribute to your cat does not allow to touch is due to feline dementia with its growing age. Feline dementia is something that occurs when the cat would age. It is also related to the aging of organs as the brain.

This would influence the cat’s learnings, memory, response, and awareness, which brings your cat a degree of anxiety. This anxiety would make your cat behave so strangely and would not allow you to pet or cuddle it.

Its medical condition validates too, right?

6.  Eww… what’s with that smell?

If your cat shows this behavior at once and flies away from you, it is because it might have picked up some bad aroma from you.

The aroma might not be bad for you, but it might be disturbing for your cat. And that is why it decides to ignore you at all costs.

It could be any smell like some cream, lotion, perfume, or something you ate. Maybe it is just unpleasant for your feline and when you try to touch it, it will resent you.

Mostly, the cats are not a fan of citrus or lavender-scented products.

Hence, you need to be careful about that. It might be just your soap pushing it away!

What could be done if your cat is not letting it touch you?

You would be stressed about, my cat does not like to be touched. Do not worry, there might be one of these suggestions that would help you to recover your physical contact with your feline.

Give a read to the following options:

1.  Be aware of your cat’s insecurities:

As a pet owner, you should better know that what your cat likes and what disturbs it.

Therefore, remove any kind of stressors like loud music, unnecessary sounds, or sudden changes in the home or their lifestyle at your place. That would bother your cat and it would end up being anxious.

As a result of this anxiety, it is not letting you touch it!

2.  Feed your cat well:

The reason of all fed up with life might be that your cat’s appetite is not being satisfied to its fullest.

That is why it would come at you and would not let you come near it. Try to make a better schedule for your feline and a proper balanced but good diet to serve.

3. Give your cat some time to adapt:

This is the best thing you could go for. You need to give your feline some time to adjust or be normal again.

Maybe something that is bothering it, would not be there later. Hence, you need to be patient at your level and remain the same loving and caring pet-parent for it.

Wait for it to show up itself for the physical affection and then, all you need to do is pet gradually and with a sense of compassion.

4.  Engage your cat’s mind:

Is it not letting it touch you, right? Then, it is going through something. Just try to divert its mind.

You could give it the toys it loves or take it for some walk outdoors. It might be meowing for and being aggressive to go outside.  Give it treats to have a positive impact on it.

This might help it be with you again!

5. A visit to the vet:

To what if your cat is in pain and is not allowing the petting and cuddling, take it to the vet at once.

He might know what the issue is. Maybe not externally but your cat is suffering internally. And this could only be sorted out by the vet.

Make sure that you take your feline for regular check-ups for its well-being.

A cat behaviorist:

Maybe your cat is just showing this behavior due to it is being like this always. You can consult the best cat behaviorist.

With regular training, behaviors can be modified indeed!

About the abscess:

Once sure about the abscess, Fish Mox can be administered to your cat.

But make sure to consult your vet about it!

6.  Do not be harsh to your cat:

At the end of the day, all that matters is your behavior with your feline.

You should not go for hurting or abusing your cat in any way. You love it, so, behave as you love it.Or else, it will associate your touch with the pain and the result would be the same for which you are worried about right now!

Final thoughts

Everything you do is for the love of your feline. So, when ‘my cat doesn’t like to be touched’ would be a wound in your heart for sure.

But as said already, do not worry. This might be normal. Your feline does love you, but it has its reasons to be like this.

It doesn’t mean that your cat hates you. Stop filling your mind up with stupid thoughts and focus on the actual cause.

Do not give up on your beloved pet and think positive. Stay strong and try to work this out in the best manner.

If not tomorrow, then the day after tomorrow, your cat might end up in your lap itself and ask for the petting and cuddling.

It is just a matter of time!

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