My Cat is Obsessed with Me

There’s nothing cuter than a cat. They’re furry, they purr, and they always seem to be looking for attention. You may have noticed that your kitty spends all of their time following you around the house or sitting on your lap when you are home. Your feline friend is just trying to show how much they love you which makes you think that my cat is obsessed with me.

Depending on their personality type, some cats can also be more territorial than others which means that sometimes it may seem like they don’t want other people in their space. And in this case, you can say that your cat is obsessed with you.

Cats are notorious for being picky and preferring to spend time alone than with people. However, if your cat is obsessed with you, it might be a sign that they really like you.

Here we have compiled the reasons why your cat is obsessed with you. Keep reading to see what could be going on in your relationship with your feline friend.

my cat is obsessed with me

These 9 Things Means Your Cat Is Obsessed With You:

Your Cat Has Been Separate Early From Their Mother

As per experts, kittens should be kept with their mothers for at least 3 or 4 months. But that’s not common, and sadly many newborns and young kittens get abandoned on the streets due to various reasons. As a result, these poor kittens cannot spend enough time with their mother, neither they can learn how to act and behave like cats.

Such kittens often create issues and might have problems grooming themselves. In simple words, they don’t know how to socialize with others. When any adopt these kittens, they get obsessed with the owners because they think of their owners as a mother surrogates.

This can be the reason why your cat suckles you or your clothes or doesn’t want to go away from their eyes.

Your Cat might be Feeling Insecure.

Have you recently changed your home settings, or have you bought a new pet in your home or blocked your cat’s entrance to any place? Such things can disturb your cat. This is because they don’t like it when anyone disturbs their normal routine, and if that happens, they are unable to figure out what’s going around. What’s worse, you can’t talk to them.

Similarly, if your pet has lost a toy or play buddy, they will become obsessed with you till they are normal and safe again.

The point we want to convey is that your cat needs some time to get used to these changes and regain its confidence. Until that happens, your pet will be obsessed with you. And you should give them time and attention to reassure them that you are always there for them.

Your Cat Might Be Stressed

Another reason why your cat might be obsessed with you is anxiety or stress. And it is the most common for obsession.

Some cats are reluctant and shy by nature, and they can become afraid easily. Whenever your cat suffers from fear, anxiety, or stress, they will not leave with you because they feel safe and protected.

Furthermore, your cat also becomes obsessed with you when they need protection or when other pets in your home or family member bully the cat. That’s because your cat knows that no one will hurt them when they are with you.

So, show your love and affection to your cat and be there for their protection.

Your Cat Might Have Trust Issues

A lot of people don’t know this, but adopting animals through your local animal control or SPCA can be one of the best things you do for your lifetime.

However, you can’t determine your feline’s life history. Similarly, you also don’t know whether she has been returned to the animal shelter before or not. If your pet has been through multiple homes in her life, they might have severe trust issues.

In this case, some of them may hide and act hostile, while others can become too clingy. This is because they need assurance that this place will be their permanent home.

So, in this case, your cat can become too obsessed with you, especially during the first few days and weeks. When your cat settles in their new home and understands that you won’t throw them back to the animal shelter, they will probably change this behavior.

Is Your Cat All Right?

Have to see this obsessive behavior in your cat recently? If yes, then you need to confirm your cat’s health or take her to the vet as she might be sick or infected. Some cats are shy and not that expressive. She will hide when they are in pain.

At the same time, some cats shout or follow you wherever you go because they’re trying to convey or talk about their distress and anxiety.

At this moment, please slow down and listen to your pet and monitor their condition. Inappropriately, some cats also become too clingy or obsessed when are at the end of their life.

Is Your Cat Pregnant?

Obsession in pregnant cats is common and due to valid reasons. This is more common for first-time mothers as they are terrified when the process starts.

While some cats try to hide and hiss when anyone gets close to them. It is also seen that some cats will stick to your side until they give birth to kittens. You should take it as a sign of trust and affection. Keep in mind that most cats will not allow humans to come near them when they’re pregnant.

If your cat is sharing these priceless life moments with you, think how much she loves you.

How Old Is Your Cat?

We all will grow older with time, and this is also applicable to your beloved cats. When your cat gets old, their overall starts to decline, especially their vision and hearing.

As your cat age, she will lose her confidence, and some might not even hear or see as before. Naturally, your cat will like to remain close to you until it adjusts to the environment.

Separation Anxiety Can Cause Obsession

There is a misconception among many people. Most people think that separation anxiety is only common in dogs, but that’s the case every time.

Some cats can also suffer from separation anxiety, especially those who have strong with their owner. Besides, this can make your cat obsessed with you because they want to remain with you.

Your Cat Needs Time and Attention

Are you ignoring your cat for some days? Then you shouldn’t be astonished that your feline is obsessed with you. Cats are independent, but they demand your attention and time even if they don’t demonstrate it to you often.

Often cats will lie to you when they feel neglected. By doing so, they are telling you that you don’t spend time with them or you have entirely forgotten that they stay in your home. So, you need to give them sufficient time and attention.


There can be many reasons for your cat’s obsession with you, and your vet can help you address them.

If you don’t like this behavior in your cat, define the boundaries for your cat in the beginning. Don’t encourage them if you don’t like this behavior, or else you will spoil your cat.

These rules are for all cat breeds.

Generally speaking, this cat behavior remains the same for all breeds. Whereas it is different in dogs and changes breed to breed.

According to the vets, some cat breeds are very active than the others, such as Abyssinians, and Siamese and these are vocal as well. But body language and interactions with pet owners, all cat breeds are the same.

Signs You are Obsessed With Your Cat

I know not many of you will admit it, but it is a fact that sometimes pet owners can also become obsessed with their cats. It doesn’t make you are crazy or anything like that, but it happens.

In this section, we will show you some signs so that you can determine whether or not you are obsessed with your pet.

Your Cat Is In Your Mind All The Time

If you think about your cat all the time, even when you are juggling at the workplace, you are obsessed with her. This is so true for new or first-time pet owners. Similarly, if you think about your cat’s needs and preferences more than yours, this also indicates the same thing.

Your Cat Is Above Anything Else

Okay, you don’t want to leave your house because of your cat, not even on the bright sunny day? If that’s the case, you are in love with your pet. Even if you do so, you return back pretty quick to be with your furry feline friend. This is a clear indication that you have a dedicated place for your cat inside you.

If Your Cat Is Relaxed, You Aren’t Going Anywhere.

Suppose you want to go to the restroom sine long, but your cat is resting on your lap and doesn’t want to move or change your position because your cat will get disturbed. Again, this is an obsession, nothing else.

You Treat Your Cat Like “Your Baby”

So what if you were not present when your cat came into the world, but when you signed the adoption documents to bring your little kitty to your home, you were feeling like a father.

Most pet parents call their cats their daughter or son, while some actually take it seriously and treat them like their babies. If that’s the case, it’s an apparent obsession.

Your Social Media Is The Evidence

If your social media account has more pics of your cat, not yours, then this thing is more than just love. On a lighter note, have you ever considered making your cat’s Facebook or Instagram account?

Your Travel Programs Revolves Around Your Cat

It is wonderful to spend some relaxing time alone at a beach somewhere, but the thought of leaving your cat alone at home makes you depressed. What if your lovely cat was cooped up inside the house all day, sad and lonely, with no one to pet her? You wouldn’t enjoy the white sand so much then.

In the End:

If your cat is obsessed with you, it might be a sign that they really like you. The reasons why cats are so obsessive about their humans can range from being bored to feeling threatened. So next time your furry friend starts purring and rubbing against you when you’re not expecting it, just relax as this behavior is just for show, and it could just mean that they have some profound love for you.

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