Cat Shampoo Alternatives

We all know cats groom themselves every other time by licking themselves clean. But the rare times you have to give them a shower, you will need to use a good quality shampoo for it. This is vital to keep your cat’s fur healthy and shining. Good shampoos can also reduce fur loss in your cat, so it is important to choose wisely. If you are not satisfied with your cat’s current shampoo, here are some alternatives you can look into for your cat.

We will go over a few different brands of shampoos and also a few tips on how you can choose the perfect shampoo for your cat based on its needs. Let’s dive in.

cat shampoo alternatives

How to select the best shampoo alternative for your cat?

Selecting a good shampoo for your cat should not be hard. It also does not mean that you pick up the first thing you find in the market.

Just like for us humans not all shampoos work well, it is the same case with cats. So in order to make sure that your cat is treated with the right products, you need to make sure you choose them carefully.

The first thing you should look for is cat shampoos. Make sure you do not use shampoos intended for any other animals, even humans. The harsh chemicals can ruin your cat’s skin and fur.

Any shampoo that you pick up, turn the bottle around and look for the ingredients. The best shampoos have simple ingredients. Organic shampoos are great for cats, but make sure they are actually organic!

You should avoid using shampoo with dyes, artificial chemicals, etc. These will harm your cat after long-term use.

Moreover, shampoos can be used for different intentions. If your cat has fleas, use the flea shampoo. But if you just want to give a regular bath, then the shampoos we recommend should do just fine.

If your cat has skin irritation problems, then you should consult your vet before applying any kind of shampoo available in the market.

Shampoo alternatives for your feline friend

Now that we know how to choose a non-toxic and good quality shampoo for your cat, let’s see the different alternatives you can use to bathe your cat.

Wahl Waterless No-rinse Lavender Shampoo

This product is created by medical professionals who made the formula in such a way that it cleans off the fur and promotes hair growth in your cat.

It is said to be made with organic ingredients and should be suitable for cats of most breeds. It is also a no-rinse shampoo, as mentioned in the name, so you can apply it, massage it thoroughly, and then leave it in your cat’s fur.

This will leave the shampoo to absorb in the skin and aid in hair growth, as well as make your cat smell fresh and lavender.

Did we mention that lavender has antioxidant properties? A big plus to also avoid flea infestation in the future.

Earthbath 2 in 1 conditioning shampoo

Earthbath 2 in 1 shampoo is great for cats with lots of fur. Since it is a mix of both shampoo and conditioner, there is no hassle of applying them both separately especially if your cat is being fussy.

This shampoo removes tangles from long fur, smells great, and it also comes in different flavors. So you can use the one your cat seems to like the most.

It is also biodegradable, so if you are looking to be more green, this is definitely the choice for your cat.

Fit for sensitive skin, Earthbath is also free from soap but make sure you only use it for cats above 2 months to be on the safe side.

Burt’s Bees waterless shampoo

A lot of cat owners consider Burt Bees shampoo to be a vital product during cat bath-times.

This is completely understandable because this shampoo has antioxidant properties that will keep your cat free from allergies.

Not only that, it is great at cleansing the fur from dirt and debris from when your cat plays outdoors. It also does not have soap and other harmful chemicals.

It contains shea butter and honey as well as many other organic ingredients that make this shampoo great. Oh, and no more hair breakage and damage to your cat. Sounds great, right?

Pro Pet works Oatmeal Pet Wash shampoo

Pro Pet works Oatmeal shampoo is one of the best out there. It is made from a combination of organic ingredients including aloe vera gel and other essential oils.

With no addition of harsh chemicals, formulas, and even colors, this product will keep your cat smelling nice all day long.

This product is also helpful for cats that have allergies, have had fleas in the past, and sensitive skin.

Brushing through your cat’s fur after using this shampoo will be a breeze. No breakage!

Pro Pet Works shampoo is made to be suitable for other animals as well. Some animals you can use this on are dogs, rabbits and even ferrets. But only do it with a vet consultation first.

Vet’s best waterless cat bath shampoo

No water in a shampoo? Will it do the job well enough?

It sure will! Vet’s waterless shampoo is similar to dry shampoo that we use if we have not bathed in a couple of days.

Waterless shampoos are great for cats that are not ready to go in the water at all. It saves you the trouble and also keeps your cat’s hair shampooed well.

Rest assured, this shampoo has all the organic ingredients you would find in any other shampoo, essential oils, oatmeal, and vitamins too.

To apply, just put the shampoo in your palms, rub it a little until you see some suds, then gently massage it on your cat’s fur. You can let it sit for a while and then take a towel to wipe the product off.

If your cat has dry skin though, you might want to skip this one.

John Paul Pet Sensitive skin formula cat shampoo

Not many cat products are made specifically for sensitive skin, but this one is definitely made specifically for it!

John Paul Pet sensitive skin formula has such a composition that will make your cat feel like it has gotten new fur.

No harm to the skin and untangled, soft fur? Pretty sure many cat owners are sold already!

The formula is also a moisturizing one; so if your cat has dry skin then you do not need to moisturize it everytime you give it a bath. Say goodbye to constant itching now too.

However, based on the health benefits this shampoo provides, it can be a little expensive, but it is worth it if you can not find any other shampoo meant for sensitive skin.

Pet MD Benzoyl Peroxide Shampoo for Dandruff

This Benzoyl Peroxide shampoo is great to get rid of dandruff in your cat. It removes dead skin cells from your cat’s skin and leaves the fur feeling silky and moisturized.

It also removes grease from the fur, making it look refreshed and staying that way for a few days. It also smells great, so many cats take a quick liking to it as well.

However, it is a medicated shampoo, so it does contain some chemicals like sulfates, salicylic acid, that are not entirely organic. If given to the cat and an allergic reaction takes place, things can get bad.

Therefore, if your cat has dandruff and you want to use this shampoo, it is best that you get it checked up first.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we complete the list of the best cat shampoo alternatives you can find in the market.

As we suggested, before you start hunting for the best shampoo for your cat specifically, look for what suits your cat first. Your aim should be to get a shampoo that is organic in nature, and does not contain too many chemicals.

If your cat has sensitive skin, look for a shampoo that caters to sensitive skin. If it has a dandruff issue, then you can use medicated shampoos to end dandruff but just ask a vet for permission first.

Stay away from dyes, artificial flavors and colors. This is key to your cat having luscious fur in the long run. Things like these also cause further breakage and tangles.

Furthermore, the best voted product by cat owners out of all the ones we have mentioned is the Pro Pet Works Oatmeal Pet shampoo. It is great for cats fur and skin, and also moisturizes alongside which attracts many cat owners.

But this does not mean it will be the best for your cat too. Every cat is different, so the shampoo that suits it will also be different.

It is up to you to figure out what works for your cat, and the guide we have provided in this article should help you in your quest!

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